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Your new hump-day committment: Pressed to host round two of Experimental Music on Wednesdays

By Ryan Saxby Hill on October 3, 2012

It you’re suffering from mid-week blues, worry not! You have options. Local musician and broadcaster Adam Saikaley has put together another season of experimental music at Pressed Cafe on Gladstone Avenue. Every Wednesday starting at 8pm, you can listen in on some musical experiments over pints of Kichesippi. Pressed makes for a nice intimate venue and its location at Bronson and Gladstone is making it a great addition to a lesser-traveled part of Centretown. With the experimental music starting tonight, we sent a few questions over to Adam to find out what you can expect from this season. The full schedule for Experimental Music on Wednesdays is pasted below the interview.

Apartment613: Can you describe what you mean by “experimental music”? What’s experimental about it?

Adam Saikaley: Experimental music means there’s an actual experiment at play, so the outcome of the music is unknown. The term can also be used to describe music that experiments with musical equipment and instruments, or the expectation and aesthetics of a genre.

Apartment613: What were you thinking of when you programmed the series? Are there some successful performers from last season in this round?

Adam: The scene can sometimes be a boys club, so I wanted to avoid that in this series. Also, there are more acoustic musicians playing this time, and more artists from out of town. There are some performers from last season playing this round, not because they were more successful, but because they have new material to present. There’s also going to be a different dj every night spinning whatever they want, just to add to the vibe.

Apartment613: You were making Wednesdays at Pressed pretty fun last season. Can you describe what it feels like at one of your shows?

Adam: The shows have a lot of energy to them and the people that come out come with an open mind. Everyone’s respectful and they listen to the musicians. People stick around after the show and the place lights up in conversation. I think the music has something to do with the stimulation of the room in that way. It’s great to see and hear.

Apartment613: What is your hope for the Experimental Music Night? Are you trying to build community? Create a fun night out? What’s the goal?

Adam: Hopefully the series encourages other people to experiment with sound, but most of all I’m trying to create an exciting night out in Ottawa… specifically on Wednesdays.

The schedule of Wednesdays: 

All shows are 5 bucks and start at 8pm.

Oct 3: Adam Saikaley / Alexis O’Hara / Matty McGovern
Oct 10: Mark Molnar / David Jackson / Taline Bedrossian
Oct 17: Gary Franks / Raas / Eric Roberts
Oct 24: Linsey Wellman / Christian Richer / Lamb Rabbit
Oct 31: Hard Science / Deccomposing Pianos / Matt Morel
Nov 7: Find The Others / Kingdom Shore / Sacha Gabriel
Nov 14: Rolf Klausener / Jesse Stewart / Lidija Rozitis