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Your new favourite band: Montreal’s SUUNS

By Ryan Saxby Hill on April 12, 2013

I won’t lie. Being a blogger sometimes has its perks…like getting an early copy of an album. And I’ve had SUUNS‘ latest record Images du futur on repeat at my house for the last two months. These four guys, out of Montreal, have managed to create something fresh – with songs running the gamut from rocking wa-wa filled Mirror Mirror to dancey tunes that remind us a bit of Radiohead with the bleeps and bloops replaced by scowling guitars on Power of Ten. Apt613 caught up with singer Ben Shemie in between tour stops.

Apt613: Can you take us through your first few weeks with the new album? What has the response been? Anything you are particularly proud of?

Ben Shemie: The response has been very positive for the most part. Lots of interesting perspectives but similar in a way to our first album. We are getting a lot more attention in Canada this time around, which is different than before.

We had a great local show in Montreal of couple days ago. I think we are all proud of that. We put a lot of time in producing that show and it payed off.  Montreal isnt the easiest city to play in, particularly if you are from there, so it was a nice little bonus.

Apt613: You are in the midst of quite the tour. What do you like or dislike about being on the road? Any places you’re specifically looking forward to?

Ben: Like being in Europe where the cities are closer together. Paris is always a blast.  NYC is also really exciting.  Strangely, I am looking forward to Cleveland.. I’m not sure why.

Apt613: Do you have big plans for festival season?

Ben: Yeah.  Lots of European dates.  But also jazz fest in Montreal.  We are playing Glastonbury, which is quite an honour.

Apt613:  What is exciting you about Canadian music right now? What are you enjoying listening to right now?

Valleys.  Metz.  Tim Hecker.  Jerusalem in my Heart.  Rat Paws.  Technical Kidman.  Sandro Perri.

Curious what they sound like ? Below is the video for their first single off Images du futur.

Suuns plays Ritual Nightclub Saturday, April 13, with Valleys and Roberta Bondar. Tickets are $10 in advance.