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Yarn bombs blanket Vanier as C’est Chill takes over

By Chris Cline on November 30, 2012

It seems like Vanier residents are already way beyond debates of whether the neighbourhood could possibly be “the next Westboro.” While the debate continues, some Vanierans (for lack of a better demonym) are instead choosing to direct their energy toward projects that actually make Vanier a cool place to live.

Enter C’est Chill, an appropriately named winter celebration of all things Vanier that kicks off this weekend. The event will begin at noon on Saturday when a symphony of bells will ring from every church in the neighbourhood. A parade will then make its way from 201 Montreal Road to St. Charles Square in Beechwood. The square will be host to music on the main stage, visual and video art installations, First Nations cultural displays and more. The event will spread beyond the square, with art shows and live music taking place all over the neighbourhood.

What I like about C’est Chill is that is does a good job of representing all of the cultures (from Francopone to Anglophone, and from First Nations to new Canadian) that coalesce here. It even goes beyond ethnic heritage; square dancing and b-boyism seem to sit together fairly comfortably on the dance menu. And what better way to knit it all together than with a yarn bomb orchestrated by a group of guerrilla cozy makers?

As a resident of the neighbourhood, I really appreciate that we have dedicated members of our community who are willing to put together events with a flavour that really suits the area. All comparison to other neighbourhoods aside, let’s keep moving on up Vanier!

Be sure to check out the schedule of events for more details on C’est Chill.