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By Lisa Levesque on June 21, 2014

Review by Lisa Levesque
60 mins | Comedy, Sketch Comedy | PG

Bunny Town. Everybody Science. The Sultan of Shwing. Just reading the Wunderjammer programme, you know you’re in for a treat.

Of course, that’s what you’re expecting if you went to last year’s production of Die, Zombie! Die!, which won the 2013 Metro Best of Fest award. From the same creators but with a vastly lower cast count, Wunderjammer is a sketch comedy show that aims to entertain. Not high-brow stuff by any measure, it does its job well.

The comedy vacillates between sexual innuendo, funny-cause-it’s-stupid jokes, and groan-worthy puns. If there’s the occasional character that just doesn’t do it for you – like Flower the International Supermodel for me – it won’t be too long until the next sketch. Thankfully, some of my favourites had a reprise or two, like the delusional female scientists and their experiments or the sultan who’s picky about what he wants in a man.

There was a fair amount of kitsch in the show, including goofy masks, 80s music, and imaginary flatulent cats. It was immature and silly without being kid appropriate. Still, Wunderjammer just might – and I use might with some hesitation – have touched on a serious subject or two. This was reflected in some of the jokes about Christian Science, burkas, and what seemed like a lot of gay sex. While I wouldn’t invite my grandma to this show, I’m probably still reading too much into it. Take what you can from the show’s themes, but don’t overthink it. You can leave your brain at home when you go see Wunderjammer and it’ll still be funny, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible.

Wunderjammer by Richard Hemphill is playing at Venue 3 – Academic Hall on Saturday June 21 at 6:30, Sunday June 22 at 1:30,Wednesday June 25 at 7:30, Friday June 27 at 11:00, and Sunday June 29 at 4:30.

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