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Detail from the cover of Triad Blood

Write On Ottawa: Queer urban fantasy set right here in the Capital

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on January 23, 2017

Jennifer Carole Lewis writes paranormal romance and her third novel, Inquisition, is now available for pre-order.

o-triad-bloodNot everyone who plays with fire gets burned, but in ‘Nathan Burgoine’s Triad Blood, Curtis, a young wizard, is getting tired of things around him combusting.

An invitation, a book, coats: he’s starting to suspect that the recent bout of spontaneous flames might be personal instead of coincidence. After all, not everyone is happy with his decision to partner with Luc, an ancient French vampire, and Anders, a demon incubus, instead of joining the wizard Families. But even without the turbulent history between Curtis and the Families, Curtis can’t deny the way he feels about both the refined Luc and the earthy Anders.

Luc is more cautious, all too aware of how dangerous politics can get in the vampire courts, where assassination is still a valid government tool. He’s been alone for a long time, trying to fly under the radar to avoid getting hurt. But when the triad is invited to a séance and discovers an unconscious young man being offered as a blood offering, Curtis’s outrage prompts Luc to challenge the Duc of Ottawa, Renard.

A demon incubus, Anders might like to pretend there’s nothing in his head beyond getting laid, but there’s a shrewd brain that sees everything going on. He’s determined to protect Curtis, even if the young wizard wouldn’t necessarily agree with Ander’s approach. All the signs that he uncovers point to their triad being targeted deliberately, but is it someone with a personal beef against them or someone who is threatened by their unique partnership and bond?

Set in Ottawa, Triad Blood takes the reader through an intricate world of urban fantasy, full of intrigue, magic and sexy men. It poses difficult moral questions, looking at both the danger and obligation of intervention and standing up to corrupt authority. And it ties it all together with an underlying thread of romantic and personal commitment between three very different men. All of them have been rejected by their own people but found a new home and a new family with one another in a way which will touch anyone who has felt like an outcast.

Triad Blood offers the hope of creating families of choice through friendship, respect and affection as well as the passion of a blossoming romance and the suspense of a well-crafted thriller.

Triad Blood is available through Bold Strokes Books.