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Still from the trailer for The Forsaken Heart.

Write On Ottawa: Thrilling conclusion to Heart’s Desire series

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on April 27, 2016

The Forsaken Heart, the exciting conclusion of Brenda Gayle’s Heart’s Desire series, delivers everything the first two books promise: the answer to who will inherit Tres Hermanos ranch and the mystery of Callum Hart and Anna Graham’s unexpected engagement.

I’d recommend rereading the first two books, The Hungry Heart and The Doubting Heart, just to refresh memories on the wide cast of characters and the dramatic history associated with the Tres Hermanos ranch.

Anna Graham is a take-no-prisoners, tell-it-like-it-is heroine with a chip on her shoulder about her independence and any perception of weakness.  After years of believing that her uncles won’t entrust her beloved ranch to her simply because of her gender, she’s dedicated her life to proving them wrong.  Desperate to show them that she can take up the challenge that her cousins have rejected, she has subsumed every other aspect of her life into the ranch.  Only now is she starting to have a glimmer of how empty a life consumed by a single purpose might be.

Callum has dedicated his life to being his father’s perfect son.  He runs Roundtree, his father’s development company, following his father’s whims and temperamental decisions.  He’s equally determined to be Anna’s perfect fiancé, never pressuring her beyond her comfort zone.  He is so focused on meeting everyone’s expectations that he’s lost touch with who he is inside.  But he quickly realizes how fast he could lose it all when his brother, Jackson, reappears on the scene after ten years in the wind.

Jackson was Anna’s first love and he vanished without a word, leaving her devastated.  Now he’s back with all the right words and all the right moves, ready to step into his brother’s place in both love and business.

forsakenheartWhat’s a girl to do when faced with such a choice?  And Anna has more than romantic woes to face.  Someone is setting fires and killing livestock to discredit her work at the ranch, making it even less likely that her uncles will pass Tres Hermanos on to her.  She could lose everything she’s ever wanted if she can’t discover who is attacking her or what lies inside her own well-shielded heart.

The Forsaken Heart is quick-paced and satisfying, drawing the reader in and keeping the pages turning until the very end.

The Forsaken Heart is available in print or in ebook. Click here to learn more about where to purchase this book.