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Photo by Matt Wiebe from the Apt613 flickr pool.

Write On Ottawa: “Laughs, love, and a bit with a dog”

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on November 9, 2016

Jennifer Carole Lewis writes paranormal romance and recently released a short story, “Rose on the Grave”.

As Geoffrey Rush puts it in Shakespeare in Love, the secret to a great story is “laughs, love, and a bit with a dog” and Ottawa author Maureen Fisher delivers all three in her novel Fur Ball Fever.

cover-fur-ball-fever-border-web-201604-171x256Pet spa owner and impulsive animal rescuer Grace Donnelly is in trouble. Miss Coco, a prize-winning poodle and the shoo-in winner for this year’s Fur Ball, has been dog-napped while under her care. If she can’t find her before Miss Coco’s elderly owner returns, she can say goodbye to her business and her independence from her overbearing family. She’s so desperate that she’s even willing to enlist the help of her too-gorgeous ex, Nick Jackson. Unfortunately, Nick has his own secrets and he can’t afford to deal with Grace’s impulsive detours. If he can’t find a way to put the rogue preacher, Oliver Hathaway, under arrest soon, his grandfather could be in handcuffs on a murder charge. It doesn’t bode well for Nick’s peace of mind that Oliver is directly in Grace’s sights as the prime suspect for dog-napping.

Grace is a fascinating heroine who wears her heart on her sleeve and seems impervious to fear in the face of what needs to be done. Whether it’s confronting Oliver with nothing more than courage and a plastic bag of droppings, or breaking into a BDSM club in order to find a suspect, she never hesitates once she’s decided what needs to be done. Her decisiveness has caused problems for her in the past, but Grace is determined to rescue Miss Coco. She enlists the help of her free-spirited Aunt Beth, who brings her own special brownies and leather fetwear.

Good ol’ Southern boy Nick just isn’t up to the job of repressing Grace’s spirit. And deep down, he wonders if he even wants to. She’s a spot of light in his otherwise serious life. His undercover investigation has dragged him down with murderers, frauds and thieves, peering into the darker side of life. Grace reminds him that there’s more to life than duty and responsibility. But as he gets closer to uncovering the depths of Oliver’s crimes, he’s more determined than ever to keep Grace safe and out of the line of fire.

Fur Ball Fever is the perfect read for anyone looking for a romantic comedy with an edge. There’s plenty of humour, a hint of naughtiness, a passionate romance and adorable four-legged companions galore.

Fur Ball Fever is available on Kindle, or you can order paperback copies through Createspace. For more on Maureen Fisher, visit her website