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Detail of cover art for Forever After.

Write On Ottawa: After the Happily Ever After

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on May 31, 2016

Jennifer Carole Lewis writes paranormal romance and is very glad to not be planning any weddings of her own.

Linda Poitevin. Photo from her website.

Linda Poitevin. Photo from her website.

Ever wondered what comes after the happily ever after?  In Forever After, Linda Poitevin shows how even true love has some room for negotiation and work as Gwyn and Gareth prepare for a wedding which has become more about the publicity than their commitment.

Introduced in Gwynneth Ever After, Gwyn and Gareth fell in love despite the odds stacked against them.  She was a single parent who had been burned by love and was determined to shield herself and her children, even if it meant being alone forever.  He was a movie star icon beginning to wake up from the shallowness of a Hollywood existence and found he enjoyed playing boyfriend and father far more than any other role.

Forever-After-final1Falling in love is one thing but planning a wedding is another.  Any number of devoted couples have wrecked against the storm-lashed rocks of traditions, family demands, society’s expectations and trying to coordinate a day which is supposed to be the culmination of the magic and romance of true love.  Add in paparazzi, an overeager wedding planner and a stifling dose of Canadian politeness and the odds are stacked against this fairy tale couple.

This short story moves quickly, keeping its sense of humour.  Brides-to-be can find some comfort in knowing that even the most romantic couples still have their challenges, while brides-who-were can laugh and remember their own matrimonial snafus.

In the end, it’s the connection between Gwyn and Gareth which shines brightest, polished by the challenges they face together.

Visit Linda Poitevin’s website to learn how to buy Forever After.