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Write on Ottawa: Deadly Sins

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on December 12, 2016

Jennifer Carole Lewis is an Ottawa writer of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Her third book, Inquisition, will be out in March 2017.

sins-of-the-angels-by-linda-poitevinFor those who have read Linda Poitevin’s Forever series, the first book of the Grigori Legacy, Sins of the Angels, will come as a dramatic change of tone. Fast-paced and full of dark, edge of your seat action, this is definitely no fairy tale.

Aramael is an angel straight out of the Old Testament, wielding a flaming sword to smite down Heaven’s enemies. But he’s also heart-sick and worn down by what’s been asked of him over the millennia. When he’s told that his twin brother, Caim, has escaped Limbo and is killing humans, he wearily accepts the charge, taking on the persona of Jacob Trent, Homicide Detective.

Alexandra Jarvis, an actual Homicide Detective with the Toronto police force, has her own problems to deal with. Namely, catching the serial killer whose religiously-themed kills remind her of the dark demons haunting her own past. When she’s saddled with a new partner, Jacob Trent, she quickly finds herself sinking into the world she’s spent a lifetime denying.

Poitevin does a skillful job of balancing tension as Jarvis and Aramael dance around discovering each other’s hidden truths and fighting off an intense mutual attraction. She weaves a tapestry of Christian theology and gritty reality to create a believable and intriguing urban fantasy.

Jarvis is an aggressive, no-holds barred heroine, one who can stand toe to toe with her brothers in blue and against any bad guy unfortunate enough to cross her path. But she’s still intensely vulnerable, hiding traumatic memories and fears for her sanity and future. She made me want to root for her on the street and then offer her a cup of tea and a place to curl up on the couch.

Aramael is world-weary and worn, the wounded Guardian at the Gate who cannot step aside to heal because there is no one to take his place. Driven forward by duty and his own sense of honour, he forces himself to keep going when he should have collapsed long ago. As he pursues his brother, he begins to understand there is more at stake than a single Fallen angel. He begins to question what he has been told and what he has spent an eternity believing.

For anyone looking for a little action and intrigue to offset the cheer of the holiday season, Sins of the Angels is a great read to escape with.

For more information on Sins of the Angels and Linda Poitevin’s other novels, visit her website.