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Photo by J. Michel Carriere from the Apt613 flickr pool.

Write On Ottawa: Once in A Blue Kentucky Moon

By Jennifer Carole Lewis on October 1, 2016

Jennifer Carole Lewis writes paranormal romance and will be releasing a short story, Rose on the Grave, in October.

51ipukwicul-_sy346_Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon is the debut novel for Ottawa author Alexa Bloom. Set on Lockwood Farms, a stable for prize-winning thoroughbred horses, it delivers a fast-paced contemporary romance with just a hint of an edge. Bloom doesn’t shy away from exploring the reality of abusive relationships while still providing a happily ever after.

Owner of Lockwood, Blake Harrison is in over his head. Terrified of losing his father’s legacy, he’s beset by money trouble, a favourite mare caught in a race between a painful disease and completing her pregnancy, and an obnoxious businessman, Max, who is threatening to pull his Kentucky Derby contender stallion, Diamond Lad. He’s got enough to deal with before Tatum shows up on his doorstep with nowhere else to go.

Tatum has been running for awhile, hiding from her husband, Jarrod, and trying to avoid facing her past. When her boss fires her in the middle of delivering a colt to Lockwood Farms, she has to think fast to find her path. Looking at the beautiful animals and green pastures, she finds she finally has something she wants to run to instead of from. Taking a job as a stable hand, she embraces the early mornings and hard work, falling in love with both the farm and its owner.

If Blake can’t produce a Kentucky Derby winner, he’ll lose the farm, his home and his chance with Tatum.

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon is a hopeful story about never giving up and not being shy about betting on a long shot for happiness. Lockwood Farm comes to life, full of magnificent animals and caring people.

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon is currently available for free as an ebook through Alexa Bloom’s website.