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Write On Ottawa: Twisted Reasons is suspenseful and tantalizing International thriller

By Ania Szneps on January 19, 2015


Although the first book in Geza Tatrallyay’s Twisted Reasons trilogy does follow many of the now popular spy/thriller conventions, the author has set it apart with incredible detail and evident research.

Twisted ReasonsPublished by Alymer, Quebec-based Deux Voiliers Publishing, the story opens with Greg Martens, an unsuspecting American with Hungarian heritage, who is set to meet his long-time friend Adam in Vienna. However, horror strikes and Greg learns that Adam has been brutally killed a couple of hours prior to Greg’s arrival in Austria.

That day, not only does Greg find out about his friend’s untimely death, he also learns of the case Adam, a UN employee, has been working on: the investigation of missing uranium, enough to create the fear of nuclear war. This sets Greg on a wild manhunt (as both the hunter and the hunted) and intertwines his fate with an Interpol agent Anne, the brilliant but illegal migrant Julia, as well as a slew of shadier characters with serious links to the Russian underworld.

Amidst all of the clues and thrills of the chase, Tatrallyay gives his readers insight into the cruelties and unbearable living conditions imposed upon those living in the Communist-controlled areas of Eastern Europe in the form of Greg’s grandmother’s own memories. These chapters serve the dual purpose of informing readers of these often covered-up facts, while simultaneously illustrating the ruthlessness of those involved in perpetuating the crimes against the thousands of innocent victims, therefore reinforcing just how dangerous Adam’s, and now Greg’s, situation really is.

Tatrallyay’s rich descriptions of both modern-day Vienna as well as life in Communist Budapest allow readers to momentarily experience life in Europe. Additionally, the details of bureaucratic inner-workings are delivered with such conviction that readers ultimately fully trust what Tatrallyay is offering. Suspenseful and tantalizing, the first book in the Twisted Reasons trilogy promises to deliver on what readers have come to expect from this genre of literature.

Twisted Reasons by Geza Tatrallyay was published in 2014 by Deux Voiliers Publishing. Look for it at your independent book store or order it online for $19.95. You can keep up with the author at his website.