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Write On Ottawa: Mystery book launch (+ prize giveaway)!

By Alejandro Bustos on May 23, 2014

 Local author Mike Martin is the creative force behind the Sgt. Windflower detective series that is set in Newfoundland.  Last year we reviewed the first two books, while the third, Beneath the Surface, is set to be released on May 29 at Chapters Rideau.

Apartment613 readers, however, can get a head start on the latest book as we are helping Martin release Beneath the Surface virtually.  You can purchase advance copies of the book online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookLocker, iTunes and Kobo.

As part of this virtual release, we are also giving away one set of e-books with all three novels in the Sgt. Windflower series. To enter, email with the Subject Line “Sgt. Windflower contest” by 9 am Monday, May 26.  The winner will be notified on Monday afternoon.

Below is a recent interview with Martin about his new book. 

Apartment613: Readers may recall the review that we published of the first two books in the Sgt. Windflower series.  Now that you have released the third book, can you summarise what it is about?

Mike Martin: In the third installment of the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series, Sgt. Windflower is back on the scene of the crime.  He is joined again by his trusted ally Eddie Tizzard, his rock-steady girl, Sheila, and a wide cast of supporters.  Together they face down an international crime syndicate operating on the East Coast, and help Windflower deal with the modern challenges of sexual harassment and corruption while re-discovering his roots and inner strength.

This book is a little deeper and a shade darker than the first two books in the series, simply because the issues involved are more serious.  But that is just part of the story because Sgt. Windflower is the eternal optimist and even as he struggles with some of his inner demons he still loves the food, the people and the culture of Newfoundland.  Especially the food!

Apt613: Will this be the final volume in the series?

MM: I don’t think so.  Already there are rumblings in my head about another Windflower adventure.  But I deliberately don’t start writing the next book until the current book is given a fair and proper christening.  Books are like children to an author and each deserves our full attention.  I will go back to Newfoundland this summer and see what percolates up from the bottom of my creation well.

mike martin

Mike Martin

Apt613: Readers can choose from a wide range of mystery novels.   For those who are not familiar with Sgt. Windflower, what would you say to encourage them to pick up one of your books?

MM: Almost every book that is on a bookshelf is worthy of being read.  But I would humbly suggest that Sgt. Windflower series for anyone who likes a good story, who likes Canadian fiction, and would like to learn more about the food, customs and culture of Newfoundland.  All three books are fun to read and if anyone doesn’t have fun reading them I will gladly refund their money.

Apt613: What local events will you be organising to promote the release of Beneath the Surface?

MM: In addition to this fabulous Virtual E-Book Launch with Apartment613, I will holding a more traditional book launch at Chapters Rideau on May 29 from 6:30-8:30pm.  There will a reading from all three Windflower books plus food that I am told will feature a special dessert. Later I will be doing some book signings at some of our great indy bookstores like Books on Beechwood and Perfect Books, if they’ll have me again.