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Write On Ottawa: Human by S.M. Carrière

By Apartment613 on January 27, 2016

Post by Laurie Stewart.

Human is the story of Aleksandar Svetoslav, a centuries old vampire from Eastern Europe. He’s sent to America to rebuild the territory of the last Prince and his House, after he and his entire line are slaughtered by vampire hunters.

HumanThe story begins with Aleksandar’s rescue and conversion in the face of the Mongol invasion in Eastern Europe. It then lightly touches on the ensuing centuries, to cast a brief but glowing eye on pre-war Europe in 1910. Then jumps straight to present day.

But things are not as simple as they seem, and someone is hunting Aleksandar’s nearest and dearest. Something scarier than an 800 year old bloodsucker. Something that just might even scare him.

Enter Alicia Wilde, a sexy, smart Latina cop and her bulldog of a partner. He has a history with that house, and its previous occupants, and no intention of cutting Aleksandar a break. But as forces beyond their control pull them into Aleksandar’s circle, they too become targets.

The slow pace of the opening seems to be necessary as Carrière is building a world similar to ours, but one where vampires have existed at the top echelons of power since about 1225AD.

She also chose a long setting to establish Aleksander’s character and relationships, rather than showing it in action, speeding up the pace of the opening chapters.

Without giving anything away, because you really need to see things as they unfold, I can say that although the first few chapters were slower than I like, it does pick up, and soon pulls you into a frantic game of cat and mouse that runs you emotionally ragged and leaves you begging for the next book.

But the promises made by the slowly increasing pace are paid in full in the climax. I am intrigued and eagerly awaiting what the next in the series will bring, she seems to have tied up almost all of the loose ends.

Human is available on Amzaon. You can follow S.M Carrière at her website.