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Write On Ottawa: High stakes and real dangers in paranormal romance

By Apartment613 on December 9, 2015

Post by Nicole Lavigne.

Revelations-hi-resRevelations, the first published novel of Ottawa-based author Jennifer Carole Lewis, is an impressive literary debut. Within the first few pages, this romance/fantasy firmly gripped my attention and did not let go once.

The book revolves around the mysterious Lalassu, which have lived on the fringes of society for thousands of years. However, someone is now set on dragging these mysterious people from the shadows.

Within this context, we are introduced to Dani, who has long resisted family pressure to become High Priestess for the Lalassu, and Michael, a development therapist for children who has psychometric gifts. When one of Michael’s clients is kidnapped, he joins forces with Dani to save the victims of a decades-long hunt.

The pacing of this book is intense, balancing action and emotional twists and turns without letting the tension go on either for a moment. You’ll want to pay attention and try not to blink as this story hits the ground running.

The world in this urban fantasy is also original and entrancing, without a single vampire or werewolf in sight. I loved the blend of super powers and real-life grit instead of the high-gloss of movies, with the ancient Babylonian myth.

Though some aspect may feel familiar – Dani’s powers are akin to a succubus and Michael’s clairvoyance – Jennifer adds unique twists that bring real depth to the world and makes their powers anything but cliché.

Michael and Dani are richly detailed characters with realistic flaws and baggage that they both have to work through, and their journey through the novel and how they are changed by their experiences is truly believable. I enjoyed following these two as they are forced to face their fears and share their deepest secrets as they work to protect the people they care about.

Profile pic 2I don’t typically read much paranormal romance, so I was pleased that this story has a strong plot with high stakes and real dangers for both the main characters. While Michael and Dani have some incredible powers, that doesn’t make the challenges they face easy. But I believe the romance lovers won’t be left wanting. The romantic tension is kept high along with the danger.

I am going to hate the wait for Book Two to continue this exciting journey and learn more about the Lalassu. Congratulations to Jennifer on a brilliant debut! I look forward to seeing all that is to come from this new author.

You can learn more about Jennifer Carole Lewis at her blog. Revelations is available on Amazon.