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Write On Ottawa: From Ottawa to the Yukon

By Janoah Willsie on October 18, 2015

After Louise’s husband retired, he impulsively bought a used RV and thus began the couple’s preparations for a road trip from their home in Ottawa, across Canada to Dawson City, Yukon.

Lucy’s Road Trip chronicles the voyage of Louise and Charlie Szabo in their RV, first to Cape Breton to celebrate their daughter’s wedding, and then through the prairies to the other coast of Canada.

The first trip is meant to be a practice run for their RV, named Lucy. Although she is in good condition, she is old after all, so to ensure she is ready for a cross-country trip, the couple test her on this shorter drive.

The Cape Breton trip goes smoothly, so they prepare to leave on their second trip once Louise retires later that year. They set off in July and almost immediately face RV problems when their septic tank begins to release ammonia. Luckily the fix is simple, the couple forget to disinfect the tank. This is the first of many RV troubles for Louise and Charlie.

Their journey across the country is never uneventful, with mechanical difficulties, beautiful scenery and Louise’s personal goal of the trip: to see a bear in the wild. They visit family, meet new friends and enjoy some beautiful Canadian scenery.

The book tells a lighthearted and positive story. It is a relaxed read, a lot like a travel blog, documenting the highs and lows along the trip. The story is in chronological order, with each chapter marking a section of road covered.

The book serves as a great inspiration to anyone wanting to go on a road trip. Despite the frequent mechanical problems, Szabo highlights the positive parts of the trip, such as making a nice dinner in the evening at a trailer park or watching the landscape change from Ontario forest to the flat prairies. As the reader, it is easy to tell that she is treating the whole experience, both the good and the bad, as a great adventure.

Overall, it’s really the perfect book for anyone who loves a good RV trip. Maybe you want to go on your own cross-Canada adventure or you just enjoy travel stories. Either way, Lucy’s Road Trip is a fun, easily read book that will inspire anyone to take a trip across the beautiful country of Canada.

You can buy Lucy’s Road Trip online, or borrow it from the Ottawa Public Library.

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