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Write On Ottawa: Faces in strange places

By April Laramey on February 25, 2015

Do you identify as a “Kidult”?

Have you heard of That Faces Book?

If not, you’ll want to keep reading because according to editor/photographer Matt Edwards, That Faces Book is perfect for you. And no, we’re not talking about the social media site.

So what is it? Simply put it’s a book about faces in the strangest of places, and Edwards wants to share them all with you. In order to do so he’s started a Kickstarter campaign to get his photo book printed and share what might be the “ultimate kidult test”.

faces 1Being a kidult, according to Edwards, means recognizing that “many things in my life have to be approached in a serious way, and I don’t shy away from that, but at the same time I try to leave space for things that appeal to, or bring out, the part of me that still very much identifies as kid-like.”

Edwards, who has been taking these photos for years, first started seeing faces in our North American electrical outlets. “[They] look quite startled,” he says. “but then, I started noticing faces everywhere. I saw my grater smiling at me when I opened a kitchen cupboard one day. I realized my door lock looked kind of like an owl. I saw faces on pots and pans, on door hardware, on walls, and in a lot of other places as well. I started taking pictures of them to amuse friends and family, and it just built up from there.”

If his Kickstarter campaign is successful, Edwards plans to print approximately three hundred copies of That Faces Book.  Some will be given to Kickstarter backers as part of the site’s “rewards” system.  Others he hopes to see in local book stores. “I would love to have the chance to sell That Faces Book at local Ottawa bookstores. That’s really one of the main goals for me,” he says.

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Campaign backers can get a digital copy of the book for only $10, with additional perks for larger pledges including a printed copy, digital download of the song Edwards wrote and performed for the campaign, and a That Faces Book T-shirt. That Faces Book was selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick on its opening day, and has already raised $1,537 of its $7,700 goal. If you’d like to contribute, or just learn more about the project, you can do so at the Kickstarter Campaign page. You’ve got until March 9.