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Owner Lukasz Dybinski at Woodward Bicycle Co. Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613.

Tiny west end bike shop Woodward Bicycle Co. is outgrowing its backyard location

By Livia Belcea on May 22, 2019

Learning to ride a bike is synonymous with growing up and sparks in us of the child-like wonder and appreciation for discovering a new passion… Cycling is a way of getting around before being old enough to get your license and your hands on your parents’ car… Riding a bike is getting a taste of freedom and extending the self into the world… There’s a saying in the cycling community that you don’t remember your first kiss, but you remember your first bicycle. At Woodward Bicycle Co. (WBco), all these feelings come to life.

You don’t remember your first kiss, but you remember your first bicycle.

Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613

The cycling shop is owned and operated by Lukasz Dybinski, right out of his home. Despite taking no more than 200 square feet, the shop is well equipped to service most types of bicycles. Designed and built entirely by Lukasz, the space reflects his keen attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship and flair for design and style. From the custom-made cabinets that offer each tool its own place to the tasteful decorative accents on the wall which are actually bicycles parts, everything in the little studio serves a purpose while looking like it belongs perfectly where it is.

Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613

Lukasz’s passion for cycling started at Mountain Equipment Co-op. While working in the climbing department, he took advantage of MEC’s bike loan program which allows staff to purchase a higher-end bicycle and pay it over time. He went for a road bike and was immediately hooked to cycling. Lukasz always liked working with his hands so maintaining and tuning his own bike while learning on-the-go came naturally to him. At the same time, MEC was looking to expand their cycling services and build a new bike shop. Lukasz, being a handy carpenter, offered to build the bike shop in return for training as a bike technician and a job in MEC’s cycling department.

As the years went on and his passion grew, Lukasz continued to educate himself by attending the Winterborne Bicycle Institute in Guelph and later earned his Master Mechanic certificate from the prestigious Colorado Springs Barnett Institute. After several years working as MEC’s Master Mechanic, Lukasz opened Woodward Bicycle Co. in order to give himself the opportunity to service and work on bicycles “at the pace the bicycles require.”

At Woodward Bicycling Co., clients are offered a bike tune-up service that restores their bikes to their most optimal working condition and gets their riders cycling at their best. Tune-ups at WBco are in fact much more than the typical tune-up you would get at other cycling shops. Lukasz takes his time to get to know each bike that comes through his shop like it was his own. He meticulously assesses its condition and components, takes it apart, cleans every piece, makes the necessary adjustments, puts it back together and finally makes a recommendation to his client if a part needs to be tweaked or replaced.

Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613

Lukasz does not shy away from spending as much time with his clients’ bicycles as he needs to. He explains that being on his own time and providing a service “without the rush of another customer waiting on the clock” has allowed him to reach a level of perfection in his craft he would otherwise not be able to achieve at a regular shop. Time doesn’t dictate when his work with a bike is done, but rather the work itself. Woodward Bicycle Co. truly exemplifies the notion of quality over quantity and thus caters to the serious and passionate rider.

Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613

Servicing a bicycle at Woodward Bicycle Co. could take about a week. Clients are invited to make drop-off and pick-up appointments during which Lukasz produces a thorough report of the work done and encourages his clients to ask as many questions as they as need to. Since education is at the core of Lukasz’s passion for cycling, he also offers his clients the opportunity to sit with him and learn a little bit about bike maintenance, such as changing a flat tire or a chain.

The vision Lukasz has for Woodward Bicycle Co. is one of a cycling community hub where riders gather, rest, learn and share. Over the next few years, he hopes to expand to a much larger space and offer “barber-style bike maintenance and repair stations” to Master Mechanics who share his passion for detail, cycling and work well done. In the meantime, Lukasz keeps busy fixing bikes and building custom single-speed bicycles for cyclists who are looking for a one-of-a-kind ride.

Woodward Bicycle Co. is located near Carling and Kirkwood in the west end of Ottawa. Visit to make an appointment and follow @woodwardbicycleco on Instagram.