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Wonder Geeks Activate comes back to Zaphod's

By Ashley on April 14, 2013

Geeks! Art! In a club?! It might not be what you expect, and that’s exactly why it exists. Wonder Geeks Activate (WGA) is where “the comic book convention meets the nightlife scene.” The endeavor, started by Adam Tupper, is really a way to deconstruct the geek genre while having some fun and supporting the community.

Tupper wanted to help support a community that needed it – geeks. He knew they were around, but hadn’t realized “the city was so gung-ho, so excited for shows of a geeky nature” until seeing the huge crowds at Ottawa Comiccon last year. As a self-professed geeky artist himself, he”s all too familiar with the fact that there aren”t any outlets for that type of art outside of conventions. (When”s the last time you saw zombie art in a Bridgehead?) So with the enthusiasm of Comiccon and the desire to showcase his artist friends combined, he summoned Captain…he founded WGA.

WGA had their first event in February – a geek-themed art show at Zaphod’s. It was so successful that they’re doing a second round this upcoming Monday, April 15th. Eleven different artists will be displaying online casino their work, with everything from Super Mario Brother”s jewelry to Breaking Bad Hello Kitties. In addition to the joy of drinking bevvies while you browse, there”ll be geek-themed music (think video game tunes made to dance), and SNES linked up if you feel like having a go. If you like costumes, this event is another reason to break “em out, but don”t feel like you have to. Tupper really just wants people to “come out and be. It”s the sort of thing where if you”re any sort of geek or nerd, you”re normal.”

Not so into art? Since the WGA team are all artists that”s been their focus  (in addition to Tupper there”s Executive Producer Edith Chartier, Promotions Coordinator Cherry Valance and Lead Designer Morgan Dunbar), but they”ve got lots of other things planned to help you geek out. Geeky burlesque (a show is scheduled for May 8th), costuming, theatre, music, more art…an event for each member of the 501st legion is coming! Okay, that might be a geekified stretch but they”ve got lots planned for you, Ottawa.

Wonder Geeks Activate! 2: Activate Harder is happening Monday, April 15th at the aptly named Zaphod”s Beeblebrox. Tickets available at the Comic Book Shoppe 2 and online. For more info on upcoming WGA events check out their Facebook page.