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#WingdOttawa: Ottawa through the lens of millennials

By Hannah Manning on March 24, 2016


What started as a project between two friends in 2013 has exploded to epic proportions. While dissecting rat brains for a research study at the University of Ottawa, Zainab Muse and David Ebere got to sharing their frustrations over the lack of rich content online. They created as a way to “foster people to think outside the box and to serve as a platform that would only discuss and integrate intellectuals looking for rich information online”.

Since then, the site has grown dramatically to a team of 15 core writers, plus other contributors. Although the brainchild of Zainab and David, they’re very clear that it’s a team effort. “It is our team that has projected Wingd to where it is now and we won’t be Wingd without them”.

They’ve been making headlines with their latest project, a book which will showcase Ottawa by the people who love it most. A long time in the making, the project first materialized in October 2014. Serving as a visual representation of the city, the book will focus on the structural elements of Ottawa while also featuring the people that live in it.

What makes this such an interesting project is their approach: they’ve been encouraging submissions from any and every one. Zainab and David “are hoping to showcase an insider perspective on the city of Ottawa and take people on a journey through the Nation’s capital”. The great thing is that everyone has their own insider edge to this city we all call home and this book aspires to bring that together.

Ottawa is known for rallying and providing support, a phenomena Zainab and David know well. “When we started Wingd, the support we got instantly was from the Ottawa community and since then Wingd has grown desperately bigger and better and we simply want to thank the city for supporting us by giving back to it in print”. With about 25 creatives (writers and photographers) working on the book, it’s a group effort, just like the online platform.

When asked to describe Ottawa in three words, these two hit the nail on the head: Ottawa is a “Little Big Town” (Zainab) and “A Little Gem” (David). It may not be the biggest city, but the love we share for our city is immense.

Submissions are welcome until April 8, 2016 and should be about 200 words (with one or two photos). Contact Wingd at for more information on how you can be involved, or check out