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Photo: anokarina/Flickr.

Who to follow on Instagram if you don’t know what to eat

By Bruce Burwell on April 30, 2021

It’s takeout night! If you want to expand your repertoire and try something new, where do you look? Phone a friend? Check out Apartment613’s Takeout Talk column maybe?

A couple of years ago I saw this article about Ottawa foodie IG accounts and picked a few to follow. If the food doesn’t look good, then how can it possibly taste good? And when most of the food being consumed in the city today is in takeout containers, it’s even harder to make it attractive. Since then, I’ve followed them for ideas and have been eating my way through the list.

Of the accounts we recommended back in 2018, only a couple are still active and worth a follow. The rest have disappeared, moved to Australia, become parents or suffered other similar fates.

This is our recommended list today. If you know of other accounts that highlight takeout from local restos, let us know in the comments or on social media.


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