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What will you discover at The Shenkman?

By April Laramey on May 12, 2014

Spring is here, and with it comes a series of arts and culture venues announcing their next season, and the Shenkman Arts Centre is certainly no different. Having attended several events at Shenkman over the last few months I was definitely curious about what was on the plate for next season.

The official release of next season’s lineup came out on May 1st, and it proved to be very interesting. Chosen to celebrate the Centre’s 5th anniversary, the shows listed seem to continue the Shenkman tradition of having an eclectic set of events, from live music, to theatre, to dance, easily fulfilling the season’s theme of “What will you discover?”

So, more specifically, what will we discover?

The first thing that I got excited about is seeing that the Arrogant Worms will be performing at the Centre next March. And while that’s a bit of a wait, it’s well worth it to finally see one of Canada’s favourite comedy bands perform live.

On the other end of the music spectrum, I’m also looking forward to seeing The Celtic Tenors. While I had never heard of the group before, their name makes it pretty clear what to expect and I am a fan of all things Celtic. I am also relieved to see that the type of music they will be performing is generally classified as Folk, something I can definitely get behind.

For families there appears to be multiple events geared to children. Seeing as I don’t have children myself, I tend to pay less attention to what’s on offer in this genre, but I did notice that Sharon and Bram are scheduled to perform next spring (Lois, we miss you!). Although I must add that I am sad to see that “How the Great Turtle Rebuilt the World”, a retelling of an Aboriginal folk tale, is aimed at kids. I was pretty excited about that show! But the rest is for those of you with kids to discover.

Shenkman gives much focus to up-and-coming Canadian artists, and next season is certainly no different, I count no less than seven homegrown acts. I have only heard of one however, Jeremy Fisher. I’m not sure that at first sight I would risk going to see any of the others I don’t know, but to be fair, the Canadian acts I saw this year that I didn’t know ended up pleasantly surprising me, so one can never tell.

Finally, for theatre and other variety, I’m afraid I’ll have to skip the comedy show. While I enjoy standup comedy, I can’t say that I’m keen on travelling out to Orleans on New Years eve. Classic Albums Live, always a favourite and a sell out show return for two performances. One is Meatloaf, the other much cooler artist being covered is Creedance Clearwater Revival, and who doesn’t love a little CCR?

Generally speaking, while it’s not all to my taste there is definitely something for everyone next season, and I plan on finding out what discoveries there are in store for me.

Tickets are already on sale for members, and go on sale to the general public on May 13th.

Despite her day job as a bureaucrat, A. Laramey is a writer who spends far too much time on the internet. You can find her on Facebook.