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Welcome to the food circus – eat, drink, SPRING

By Cassandra Granata on March 26, 2014

Ringmaster: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages- well legal age, welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth. Welcome to the circus! You are about to take part in a fulfilling day of sipping and nibbling. Exciting, and fantastic features all on display before your very eyes. From the far corners of your municipality the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival takes much pride in presenting – Eat Drink SPRING!

[the sound of applauding]

Look around. See the sparkle in everyone’s eyes. For one day and one day only we invite you to the most extravagant extravaganza on Saturday March 29th from 1-9PM at the Ernst & Young Centre.

As you’ll see, the circus is a magical place! Once you enter, a mirage will immediately form, unveiling all things springs! We will captivate your senses and help you to overcome the dreary woes of winter that has left this town lifeless.

[drum roll]

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 4.05.21 PMStep right up, step right up! Be amazed, be amused as we present for you full throttle food trucks and carts under the big top. From every inch of the city we gathered: Street Gourmet, What the Truck, Meatings, My Catering Group, Seed to Sausage General Store and Zazoo. Just to name a few. We don’t want to spoil your appetite just yet.

But wait! We can’t forget about our local microbreweries and Rod Phillips’ 100 best wines for spring/summer! Our circus wouldn’t be complete without a few cold ones to enhance the illusion of spring. It will be our most popular act! You’d sure feel regret if you missed out!

[drum roll]

The time has arrived ladies and gentlemen to indulge!! It’s going to be truly spectacular! Every bite, every sip will leave you on the edge of your seat as you thrill to the risk of sampling!

All this and more before the night runs out! You better hurry and get your ticket! The circus is about to begin!”

The Ottawa Wine and Food Festival takes place on Saturday, March 29, from 1 – 9 pm, at the Earnst and Young Centre (4899 Uplands Drive). Tickets are $22.60 and are available online.