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Welcome to Babely Shades’ Space Jam!

By Lee Pepper on March 23, 2016

For a great opportunity to hear some up-and-coming local artists, stop by Pressed this Friday for the launch of a new monthly music series that aims to promote young up-and-coming artists, particularly those who are queer and/or people of colour.

Poster by Brettney Young

Poster by Brettney Young

This Friday’s show features November from Montreal, Perkolator from Peterborough, and Ottawa’s own Pith, one half of Pith & the Parenchymas.

The series, Space Jam, is being presented by Babely Shades. In their own words, Babely Shades “was created out of the need for a safer space for feminine POCs within a small local music community, in which folks of colour & marginalized genders are often underrepresented and mistreated.”

Poster by Layla Brown

Poster by Layla Brown


In the past, Babely Shades organized 1 Girl 5 Babes, a panel on gender and racism in local music, which you can hear a recording of at their Bandcamp. The collective has big plans to organize a variety of parties and shows throughout the spring and summer, and beyond, with artists from California, New York, and elsewhere performing alongside local bands.

In April, Babely Shades and Debaser are collaborating on #DIYSPRING, a two-day mini-festival that aims “to celebrate DIY artists doin’ it themselves”.

Asked which artists they’d most like to bring to Ottawa, Elsa Mirzaei, one of the founding members of Babely Shades, replied, “Currently, everyone who knows me knows that I have been obsessing over Australian Asian-Pop band Empat Lima, so it would be a dream come true to be able to snag them when they make their next trip to Canada.”

Mirzaei also mentioned that they’ve been listening often lately to the local band Lovecraft, and that they and others are especially excited for the debut of new R&B artist AKI, who will be performing April 9th.

At time of writing, Babely Shades has the following shows booked:

 Keep an eye on Babely Shades’ Facebook page for updates.