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Photo by unDaily Power on flickr.

Weekly News Review: Zombies Swarm the City, Frankenstorm Approaches, Elgin Street Flooded and more!

By Chris Cline on October 29, 2012

Opinion seems to be divided about the impact of Hurricane Sandy here in Ottawa. The Citizen spoke to an Environment Canada expert who downplayed the storm’s severity, but CTV and CBC bring differing opinions. Hold on to your hats for the next few days folks.

In a disaster of a different sort, nearly 2,000 Ottawans were consumed by the hunt for brains during the annual zombie walk on Saturday. The Citizen got into the spirit by putting together an awesome local zombie survival guide that you can read here.

Elgin Street seems to get more than its fair share of burst water mains. Residents and businesses there got yet another shock when a construction worker accidentally drilled into a main late last week. The incident caused major flooding and a massive sinkhole near Laurier Avenue, but Elgin is once again open to traffic.

The Citizen reports that The Canadian Museum of Civilization is holding public consultations about a new Canadian Museum of History. You can take part in the consultation online or by visiting the museum in person.