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Weekly News Review: Sexhibit, archeologists dig up Flats, tree house concert and more!

By François Levesque on May 21, 2012

The sexhibit: as controversial as people say it is, or are certain Ottawans just a bit prude? I think it’s the latter, since in cities like Montreal and Regina, Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition barely made waves. Have a look and judge for yourself in this Montreal Science Centre micro-site dedicated to the exhibit.

Archeologists have set up on Lebreton Flats as part of preparatory work to the construction of the LRT. There are likely many ruins that will be uncovered dating from the early 1900s. Lebreton Flats were destroyed for a first time in 1900 after a fire that started in Hull was transported across the river by strong winds. It was rebuilt without an urban plan. The Lebreton Flats community was later re-localized following Jacques Greber’s plan for Ottawa.

Ottawa Juno-award winning percussionist Jesse Stewart will be hosting a cool house concert series, this summer – in a tree house! The one-man shows will be available to (very) small crowds – 3 at a time – and instead of charging for these, Stewart is asking audience members to donate to the charity of their choice.

Ottawa comedian, Mike MacDonald is in need of a kidney transplant after contracting hepatitis C, which shut down his kidneys and liver. To read a message by Mike or to donate to the cause, click here.