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Weekly News Review: Charging your electric car, 174 open, Le Nordik expands and more!

By François Levesque on September 17, 2012

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the city’s been slow to take up electric vehicles – it estimates there are about 100 electric vehicles in the city. It might just be because of a lack of plugs, but things are starting to change. The Place d’Orleans introduced two electric plugs in mid-August, and we hear that plugs will also be available at the renovated MEC in Westboro.

The $5 million sinkhole is fixed and Highway 174 eastbound is reopened now, just in time for Monday morning traffic. Please note that the Jeanne d’Arc off-ramp will remain closed for further repairs.

Those who like to relax in the Ottawa region may have spent an afternoon or two at Le Nordik, in Chelsea. The spa has recently reopened following the creation of its ‘Panorama’ section. The section includes a salt water pool, three new saunas and a pool with a panoramic view. I know lots of people excited about this.

Is the city about to begin thinking pedestrians and cyclists first, drivers second? Not quite, although Ottawa’s Downtown Moves initiative is looking at ways that the latter two groups can benefit once the LRT is launched in 2018. Examples include Albert Street, which is currently bogged down by Transitway buses, and could provide good opportunities to replaces buses with bicycles and pedestrians instead of buses and cars.