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Weekly News Review: Wilson Philips tribute, Red Skins reaction and train delays

By François Levesque on September 4, 2012

Improvements to the O-train lines mean that the trains will be at a stand still for about 18 weeks in 2013. The work will shorten the wait time between Bayview and Greenboro stations from 15 minutes to 8 minutes. Buses will ensure transit services during this period of work, slated to take place between April and September.

Who knew there were still fans of Wilson Philips out there? Cairine Wilson Secondary School was mistakenly rechristened Carnie Wilson Secondary School for a brief period. “An honest mistake, says school board trustee John Shea.” Cairine Wilson was Canada’s first female Senator.

In other school news, Ian Campeau aka DJ NDN from A Tribe Called Red has started a campaign to change the name of the Nepean Redskins youth football team. The campaign has gained some traction, but does not have the support of the area’s councillor, Jan Harder, who argues the name isn’t racist and says that changing the name isn’t worth the thousands of dollars it would cost for them to get a new logo and uniforms. What are your thoughts on the controversy?

While not exactly news, I thought our readers would love to know this. A few months ago, Ottawa designer Andrew King created the Elphin t-shirt based on the logo of the Metcalfe at Gladstone apartment building. The t-shirts quickly sold out. Now, he’s got new designs based on various Ottawa landmarks from Cathay Restaurant to City Centre. Check ’em out!