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Weekly News Quiz: Canada Day Edition

By Katie Marsh on July 1, 2013

For today’s weekly news quiz, we skip the news and for some patriotic trivia. Test your knowledge of our nation’s capital with this special nine question edition of our Weekly News Quiz.

Many of the questions for today’s quiz came from Ottawa: The Unknown City by Rob Mcleannan.

How to score
9 correct: The spirit of John A. lives on in you.
7-8 correct: Perhaps you’d like to take a crack at Minister of Canadian Heritage?
5-6 correct: The Bytown Museum is hiring, but you may need to brush up a bit on your history.
3-4 correct: You might need to rewatch some of those Canadian History Minutes.
1-2 correct: I think you need to retake your Canadian History 101 class!
0 correct: Might as well be living in the U.S.