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Weekend roundup: things to do in Ottawa

By Karen Diepeveen on April 28, 2011

Library Voices storm into town Friday night. Photo courtesy of their website.

Let’s get right to it, Ottawa!

Start your pre-weekend off right and head to Raw Sugar to see Zac Crouse and Steve Gates tonight – or head over to Mavericks to see Maybe Smith (who will hopefully come back to town again and again). For Friday, if you’ve been missing the early ’90s of late (and who doesn’t from time to time?), the Allrights will happily fill that void for you. Library Voices and Luke Doucet will compete for Prairie Scene audiences on Friday night, while Right by Midnight and Little Stella stop by Zaphod’s. On Saturday, you’ll have your pick of East Coaster Quiet Parade, Central Canada’s Capital Grass and the No Men, Regina’s Kelly Jefferson, and Saskatoon’s Wide Mouth Mason. For a nice cross-country blend? The Prarie Fiddlers will serve that up. Babylon will be hosting an afterparty following Sunday’s Fall Down Art Gallery launch.

And for all of you bookish types? Head to your happy place – which is likely one of the many Writers Festival events kicking off this weekend. From Chris Hedges to Elizabeth Hay to Neil Pasricha, our city will be hopping with gliterati. If you’re hoping to catch a few local authors in one place, head to the newly-opened Alpha Soul Cafe for the Hintonburg Writers Night this evening. Feeling inspired by all of this writing chit-chatter? Learn the wonderful world of WordPress and create a space for your musings through the ArtEngine workshop tonight. If you’d rather support a local zine community, the Ravenswing Hoedown should be your selection for Friday night. In spoken word, Once Upon a Slam continues down at Bar 56 on Friday.

Almost all of the venues around town have been taken over by these western folk who are keen to prove that their talent doesn’t just lie in spotting that combine in a canola field (and really, how hard can that be?).  In addition to western musicians and writers, Prairie Scene is also bringing dance, theatre and film our way for the next week. The GCTC is putting on Talk, which delves into the world of Middle East politics, and down at the Arts Court, Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers will be performing. And Corner Gas fans take note: the star will be on stage Sunday night. Be sure to check out our previews and reviews of the Prairie Scene delights over the next week.

Enriched Bread Artists open their doors for one of their exhibits this weekend – Drawn can be seen Saturday and Sunday. If you can make it out to Manotick, artists out there are having a spring show and sale on Friday.

And don’t forget – Sunday marks the beginning of Bike to Work month! So get your two-wheeler out, tune it up, and hit the roads Monday morning with the 200+ cyclists who’ve already pledged to bike. Already there are over 8million kilometres of cycling promised – add your daily commute to that total.

Anything else you’re heading out to see this fine weekend?

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