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Photo by Mikhail Laxton.

Mikhail Laxton and Rebecca Noelle bring down The Gladstone Theatre in new live video

By Apartment613 on March 3, 2021



Filmed live at the Gladstone Theatre in Little Italy, the newest video from Mikhail Laxton breaks our hearts in the most beautiful way. “Wasting Our Time” feat. Rebecca Noelle is the Ottawa-based singer-songwriter’s latest single, released on February 5th.

Laxton’s new song navigates a heavy topic—staying in a relationship that is drifting towards its end. His lyrics capture the situation in simple lines but the words ring in our ears:

We used to stay up
Just talking all night
But lately the talking just turns into fights
The screaming gets louder and turns into quiet
Maybe the silence is giving us signs

The live video shows both artists performing the song against a dark background inside The Gladstone Theatre. We not only see ourselves in every word they sing, but we are also pierced by the raw emotion emanating from the singers.

Whether with a platonic friend or a lover, almost all of us have been through the excruciating uncertainty of not knowing when to leave. You can watch the full video in the player below.

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