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Creativity, passion and the heart of two amazing sisters

By Meg Marshall on April 11, 2015



Vincent is a women’s fashion boutique nestled right in the heart of Little Italy, at 444 Preston Street to be exact. This store represents the creativity, passion and heart of two amazing sisters named Amanda and Angie. From the minute you walk into the boutique, you will be instantly greeted as they welcome you into the store as if it were their home.  No detail has gone unnoticed from the décor, to the carefully thought out product selection and the personalized customer service. You can’t help but fall in love with Vincent.

Fashionable upbringings and experiences

Amanda and Angie. Photo by Kathy Youssef for Fleischer Photography.

Amanda and Angie. Photo by Kathy Youssef for Fleischer Photography.

Amanda and Angie are no strangers to fashion. Combined, they have over 15 years of retail experience. They were both exposed to the fashion world as youngsters, often taking Sunday trips with their mother to Holt Renfrew.  Coincidentally, both sisters worked at Holt Renfrew and acquired a taste for high quality designer product. Amanda also gained great experience while working at the Winners head office and as a merchandise manager at Aritzia. Angie learned all kinds of valuable knowledge working as a makeup artist at Bobbi Brown. Their combined experience and exposure to various elements of the retail business allowed them to successfully open their store.

Who is Vincent?

Vincent is near and dear to Amanda and Angie’s hearts. The store is actually named after their late uncle who was a naturally gifted artist. At the age of 11 he had painted the Mona Lisa. Vincent not only pays respect to a lost family member, but also symbolizes creativity in any form. Amanda’s passion is photography and Angie’s is with makeup.  Creativity is passed along to clients. When clients come into the store, they can expect to be maximized to their fullest potential with the outstanding service and fashion guidance from Amanda and Angie.

Mixing family and business together

For some people, mixing family and business together could be quite a challenge. Amanda and Angie have defied that myth and cohesively own and operate the boutique. They both admit that it is a transition from not only being sisters, but also being business partners. The two have learned to leverage each other’s strengths to maximize the success of the store. Whatever their secret formula is, it is certainly working!

Listening to the customer

Photo by John Aung.

Photo by John Aung.

It is really unique that the same person providing amazing servicing to you at Vincent is the same person who communicates directly with the brands and public relation teams of the fashion brands they carry in store. The owners genuinely listen to you and are able to provide valuable feedback to the fashion labels. Some of those exceptional brands include: Bailey 44, Gypsy 05, Jennifer Zeuner, For Love & Lemons, and Marie Turnor. Clients have also started to request Amanda and Angie’s services in their own homes for a closet cleanse. This new service is being formally offered and is called a “Style Menu”.

Giving back

Vincent believes in giving back to the community.  They hold events in support of Dress for Success – Ottawa National Chapter Region. Customers are encouraged to bring in clothing donations and in turn, receive a discount on new apparel that they purchase that day in the store. The next event is being held at the store on Saturday, April 18th from 11am – 5pm so.

Make sure to stop by Vincent soon; you will be sure to leave with a smile on your face and some new pieces for your wardrobe!