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Photo from leMeow's Facebook page.

Video of the Week: That’s My Man by leMeow

By Brandon Telford on April 7, 2016

The sultry atmosphere of leMeow’s track, “That’s My Man”, pulled me in and held me tight.

Gin Bourgeous, lead singer of the Ottawa-local band has a raw edge to her voice that fits with this genre so well. You can sense her passion immediately and it’s a quality equally shared amongst members of the group. Fiddle, drums, keys and bass blend with Gin’s vocals and offer strong lyrics in that ‘I mean business’ kinda way. Everything flows together in this upbeat jam session.

The music video was filmed live and appears on CBC Searchlight, which showcases the best up and coming artists and performers. In “That’s My Man”, leMeow proves they can put on a great live performance and sound good doing it. Have a look:

You can vote for leMeow in this year’s CBC Searchlight contest here and purchase the studio version of “That’s My Man” off their self-tilted EP on Bandcamp.

The first full-length album by leMeow’s is due in June 2016. Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date on the contest and other projects.