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Photo courtesy of JC Peters.

Video of the Week: Dapper by JC

By Brandon Telford on March 28, 2016

A good beat shouldn’t be ignored. And neither should good choreography. In Dapper, local hip hop artist JC Peters brings both to the table and it’s hard not to appreciate this kind of artistry when it comes to music videos.

In an instant, you’re hooked. One of the dancers is performing a backflip, the music creeps in, and the first lyrics (“Dapper, Dapper”) synchronize with the beat. You can imagine this track playing in a nightclub; it’s chill, edgy, and the beat has a way of moving through you.

Something worth noting is the familiar setting of downtown Ottawa. In a series of frames, dancers are shown performing their impressive moves against the backdrop of Parliament Hill, Sparks St., and other Ottawa locations. But while the visuals are familiar, JC manages to spin a unique sound in contrast to what Ottawa locals have seen and heard before. His voice is soft but impactful; he controls the tone of each song like a master.

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Dapper is a solid track with catchy lyrics and equally engaging visuals that reminds us of the upcoming talent that grows in the 613. Hip hop fans rejoice, JC is an artist to watch.

JC released his new EP “Different” on February 16, 2016. Check it out here:

You can find JC on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram.