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Photo: David D. Pistol

Video of the Week: ”YOU” by OK Naledi

By Michael Bercier on April 21, 2022

This week we spoke with Afro House artist OK Naledi (Kimberly Naledi Sunstrum) about the new music video for her recently released single, YOU.

The song explores contrasting feelings of wanting to exist alone while longing for community and collaboration. It was important for Kimberly to capture this essence in visual form, so she discussed her ideas with director Quest (Dreamland Studios) who “made it so easy to fully commit to the concept and go full force with each shot.”

The video starts off in the business district of downtown Ottawa, with alternating shots of the protagonist living their daily grind and dancing their troubles away. “I knew I wanted to incorporate dance into this video because Afro House in its essence is about movement and dance. I was a dancer for 17 years before I switched permanently to music.”

Screenshot: YOU by OK Naledi (YouTube).

After a cataclysmic event, the video takes us to a dystopian future where the protagonist wanders alone in the ruins of what was once the world we know. After discovering another survivor, apprehension turns into collaboration as the two come together for a dance number put together with the help of local dancer and choreographer Ashley Ighorewo. “I’d seen her work in other videos and around Ottawa—she’s ridiculously talented (as you can see) and she really jumped on board with the whole concept and crushed the choreography that was a mash of old school and new school moves.”

The post-apocalyptic scenes were shot at Commando Action Center, a paintball field in Navan “run by this husband and wife team who were so welcoming to the idea of us filming at their location and had the perfect backdrop for that dilapidated future look.”

Photo: David D. Pistol.

Shooting the video was a great experience for Kimberly and her collaborators: “Honestly, I wish I could be part of music video productions like this all the time, because everyone was just so positive and willing to just go full force with the concept. I’m proud to have been able to work with Quest, Ashley, Pistol, John, and Sarah.”

OK Naledi was recently nominated for Newcomer of the Year at the Capital Music Awards and will be playing shows at Irene’s Pub, Overflow Brewery, and Bluesfest in the coming months. Concert dates and more information can be found here

Watch “YOU” in the player below.

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