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Video of the Week: What I Do by The Joynt and Maya Mayne

By Gloria Song on September 18, 2013


Ottawa rapper the Joynt just released the music video for his anti-bullying song “What I Do”. It’s possibly the most inspirational rap music video the city has seen in a while. A rapper who stutters in his normal speech but interestingly does not stutter when he raps, Peter Joynt has been giving talks at local schools about stuttering and what it takes to get by being different. He provides students with a role model and demonstrates how to use rap to deal with the things life throws your way.

“I weigh heavily on keeping a positive attitude and not letting anything get in the way of what you want to do – regardless of an imperfection,” Peter says. “I really get a lot out of the talks. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life.”

“Some people […] asked me if I really still get teased,” Peter continues. “The truth is, yes I do. It might not be the same type of teasing you’d get at school or by a bully, per se. But I still get comments all the time about my stutter when I introduce myself or ask a question in a store.”

He’s now taken these talks and created his newest track “What I Do” with Maya Mayne. The music video features shots of various schoolyards in Ottawa (how many can you recognize?) while the Joynt sends out his feel-good message in lyrical form. The Joynt is already well-known locally for his Ottawa Senators pump-me-up anthem “CAPCITY”. Now, with “What I Do”, the Joynt has found new ways to dazzle and inspire. Check out the video!