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Photo: Ottawa Guitar Trio (YouTube)

Video of the Week: Super Mario theme music by the Ottawa Guitar Trio

By Greggory Clark on February 10, 2021

At the time of posting this VOTW pick, Apartment613 is subscribed to roughly 60 local content creators on YouTube—none which are more prolific than the Ottawa Guitar Trio. Most of the classical guitar trio’s weekly uploads are original arrangements of theme music from classic video games ranging from Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy, Diddy Kong Racing to Donkey Kong Country, Animal Crossing to Pokémon, Chrono Trigger and Metroid Prime.

Their latest upload is newly arranged by trio member Nathan Bredeson, whose collaborators François Lacelle and Alex Bougie join him in performing the “Ground Theme” from Super Mario Bros. 2 released in Canada in 1988.

You know the song—just hit play and likely you’ll start singing along. However, for musicians watching the Ottawa Guitar Trio on YouTube there’s an added bonus. Bougie, Bredeson and Lacelle generously share their arrangements for each tune. In one corner of the split screen is sheet music for you to follow along or copy and practise offline.

 Subscribe to Ottawa Guitar Trio on YouTube. Watch in the player below.