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Video of the Week: Ruleta by Lido Pimienta

By Devora Cascante on August 6, 2014





Lido Pimienta is simply badass. Her music is dark and energetic. Often described as experimental pop – she creates a sound that blends afro-Colombian rhythms with electronic beats, chanting traditions of her indigenous ancestry and analog synths.

I’m taken in by her ethereal vocals and outspoken on-stage banter. She will make you dance while urging political upheaval and self-reflection. Recently she opened a set at Wavelength with an alternate version of “Oh Canada” that sparked a bit of “controversy” over her intense political statements about nationalism.

Following that, here she is performing “Ruleta” live in Toronto. Note the upside-down Canadian flag hanging from her electronic table…



Pimienta will be in Ottawa this Saturday performing with JFM, H de Heutz and Mas Aya as part of a special edition of Fryquency at Mugshots. It should be a good night.

You can follow Pimienta on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

Fryquency is a pay-what-you-can event series to exhibit emerging and experimental Canadian music held monthly at Mugshots (75 Nicholas Street). Co-presented by Debaser on CKCU 93.1 FM, this month’s edition bids farewell to Debaser host and Fryquency co-organizer Rocky LaLune.