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Still from "Queen of Sad" music video.

Video of the Week: “Queen of Sad” by Everything Is Angles

By Sonya Gankina on June 1, 2022

Everything is Angles (EIA) is a music project headed by long-time Ottawa-based producer Dean Watson. Along with members, past and present, of Twin Flames (Mike Giamberardino), Unleash the Archers (Nick Miller), freelance bassist Szymon Szanczuk and Kelsea Harris, Watson resurrected long-lost demos made during the period from 2005 to 2017 when he operated the popular recording studio The Gallery in the heart of the Glebe.

“Queen of Sad” is the second video single released by Everything Is Angles. Begun in an attic in 2007, the demo for the song languished in a forgotten Dropbox folder until one late night. After an extensive recording session, the session musicians stuck around and began sharing unfinished ideas. The QoS demo was called up and became one of a multitude of songs that the group has resurrected and completed over the course of the pandemic.

Spanning more than a decade from inception to completion, the “Queen of Sad” has particular wisdom and perspective as it engages with themes of loss, time, aging and acceptance under the umbrella question: “How does one find happiness as they merge their expectations with reality?”

The video was produced by Ottawa expat Andrew Robillard, known for his work with many capital city-based artists such as Raphael Weinroth Browne and Moonfruits, and was filmed in the thematically appropriate gray of Vancouver in the early spring.

The video is masterfully cinematic, deeply sad, and the lyrics strike a chord. The words appear on the moody dark landscapes in the video, and the entire song feels quite appropriate for the 2007-2012 emo era. Yet, there is a sense of hope closer to the end, when we let go of certain ties to the material. Perhaps there is a lesson there.

Watch the video in the player below.

Written by Watson, Harris, Miller, Giamberardino

Produced by Dean Watson

Engineered by Dean, Mike Giamberardino and Becca Fox

Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova

Video by Andrew Robillard

Quote by Marcel Proust

Find the song here and follow the project on Instagram.