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Photo: Sabaya (YouTube)

Video of the Week: “Pour elle” by Sabaya

By Michael Bercier on May 19, 2021



Sabaya is a singer-songwriter working in the Ottawa region since 2006. Between writing and performing her songs, she works as a producer, sound engineer and music teacher.

Her latest single, “Pour elle”, is about the strength of motherhood. For more than half her life, Sabaya has been living away from her mom, separated by an ocean. This song was a way for her to express the love and admiration she has for her mother while recognizing the hard battles she’s had to face.

“We have been separated by two continents since I was 15. I am now 30, and although it
is a weight she has carried for long, I wanted her to know how much I love her and the distance has actually brought us so much closer,” says Sabaya.

On this track, Sabaya is joined by Elikya Nzau, Peterson Altimo, Lionel M., and Bonheur Kibukila. In addition to his duties on drums, Kibukila mixed and mastered “Pour elle” with Sabaya and directed the official music video for Red Records Music label.

Subscribe to Sabaya on YouTube. Watch “Pour elle” in the player below.