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Still from Pinball & Pierogies by Sammy J. Lewis.

Watch the trailer for Pinball & Pierogies by Sammy J. Lewis

By Apartment613 on November 17, 2021

The story of Pinball & Pierogies is roused by the COVID-19 pandemic and follows Ottawa’s beloved live music venue, House of TARG. It’s a well-directed short feature by Sammy J. Lewis (aka Sammy J. Scorpion of New Swears), and the attention to detail and compelling narrative make it a great watch.

This short documentary focuses on the Ottawa pinball arcade and live music venue, House of TARG, and explores the impact one small business can have on a community. Featuring interviews with various staff and patrons of the venue, the film aims to tell the story of the House of TARG. Conflict arises from the fact that the COVID pandemic is jeopardizing the business and live music as we know it. We explore how the closure of a place like the House of TARG may not only affect the owners but an entire community of people. If House of TARG closes, would we be losing much more than just a venue?

Pinball & Pierogies by Sammy J. Lewis is part of the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival selection, available for streaming on-demand from November 12 to 21, 2021. Visit to watch the entire film.