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Video of the Week: “Off Some” by TwoTiime

By Grace O'Manique on April 13, 2022

One of Ottawa’s biggest up-and-coming hip hop artists, TwoTiime, recently released an Official Music Video for his latest song, “Off Some.” You may already know TwoTiime from his popular releases “Hood Cry” and “Keep It Real,” which garnered international attention. There is no doubt that this newest track will follow suit.

The “Off Some” official video starts at the Carbide Wilson ruins in Gatineau Park, a familiar location for many Ottawans. As TwoTiime performs his song with confidence and energy, the visuals constantly move along with the tempo with smooth effects and transitions. Directing, shooting, and editing credits go to SIP Entertainment, which did a brilliant job creating the perfect visuals to accompany the track.

Watch the “Off Some” official video in the player below.