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Video of the Week of the YEAR

By Apartment613 on December 30, 2020



Watch our most popular Video of the Week of 2020.

We love watching YouTube, music videos and short films at Apartment613. If it’s locally-made and streaming free online, then it’s in the running for our Video of the Week column published Wednesdays.

It’s not always a new video, like this 1938 vintage film about Ottawa or the repost of an Ottawa-made cult film Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer for Hallowe’en. It’s not always in English (see: M. Gabriel) nor does the film need to have dialogue (see: Meredith). We’ve watched live streams, cine-poems, history lessons, local news, and virtual museum tours together… So which video stands out?

For the final VOTW entry in 2020, we thought to revisit an oldie but a goodie. We’ve compiled the stats in Google Analytics to zero in on the most popular VOTW post this year. This is not the video which boasts the most views overall, however it is the most viewed on in 2020.

Honourable mentions go out to The Christmas Vacation house recreated in Stittsville and Drone footage of empty Ottawa streets, both of which are close runners-up for the top prize. 2020’s Video of the Week OF THE YEAR is…

🏆 Flying over Ottawa in Flight Simulator 2020 🏆