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Kathleen Edwards, Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. NPR/YouTube.

Video of the Week of the Year: Our most viewed VOTW of 2021

By Apartment613 on December 29, 2021





Every week, the folks over here at Apartment613 scour the Internet for a great video that highlights Ottawa—usually music, but sometimes movie trailers, aerial views of the city, or even old commercials.

While we post a video each week, it’s only natural that one VOTW will rise above the others.

And while this Ottawa songstress had some tough competition, our most viewed VOTW of the year was *drumroll* Kathleen Edwards’ NPR Tiny Desk concert! You can check out our original post here.

Kathleen Edwards is well-known in Ottawa, both as an accomplished musician and as the owner of Quitters Coffee in Stittsville. After an eight-year hiatus, she released her new album Total Freedom in August 2020. She filmed the NPR Tiny Desk (Home) concert in May 2021.

Watch Kathleen Edwards’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert in the player below

While Edwards’s intimate performance took the top spot, the Top 10 VOTWs contain a lot of gems. Check out the list below:

2. This 1985 commercial for the Westin Hotel

3. “Stayin’ Alive” by Monkey Rock Music 

4. “Melodies” by MELO-T

5. “Carol of the Bells” by Flute Siva

6. “Sooner or Later” by The PepTides

7. “Laura Palmer’s Theme” by the Ottawa Guitar Trio

8. “At Ease” by Marie-Clo

9. “Subtle Siren Song” by Hilotrons

10. Pinball & Perogies film trailer

And check out all of our VOTW videos here. We’ll be adding to the list every Wednesday.