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Video of the Week: “Next In Line” by Slack Bridges

By Greggory Clark on July 8, 2020




It took a lockdown to capture as many as 11 musicians in action for Slack Bridges—and that’s still not everyone who recorded parts for the Ottawa band’s new album. “When Brady [Leafloor] and Mackenzie [Di Millo] join us—which we’re hoping is more often now—we’re nine musicians live on stage. Then we were hoping to have a couple of guest stars for the album release,” says the soul band’s leader and bassist, Garrett Barr.

Their new single “Next in Line” heralds Lindenlea to Ledbury, a full-length record set for release on September 14, 2020, which Slack Bridges recorded over the past year with Dean Watson, mixed with Jay Jaknunas, and planned to drop earlier this year. They had back-to-back release shows booked at Irene’s Pub on the last weekend in May; postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were ready for release in May,” explains Barr. “In retrospect it gave us more time to mix and be picky… Mixing an album over Zoom was an interesting process in itself!”

“Then we were supposed to do a music video, booked on March 26, and that didn’t happen obviously,” says Barr. “So we just decided to have everyone perform at home and have a bit of fun with the whole stuck at home thing. I’m super happy with how it sounds.”

Watch “Next In Line” in the player below.


Matt Gilmour – Lead vocals
Mackenzie Di Millo – Background vocals
Chris Elms – Guitars
Garett Barr – Bass
Matt Godin – Drums and percussion
Kim Jackson – Keyboards and piano
Julian Selody – Alto saxophone
Laurel Ralston – Trumpet
Brady Leafloor – Tenor saxophone
Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Cello
Maddy O’Regan – Violin