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Image: Meredith, 2020 by Gary Franks (Vimeo)

Video of the Week: Meredith by Gary Franks

By Greggory Clark on June 17, 2020

The idea for Meredith lies “somewhere between Warhol’s Screen Tests and the idea of a silent conversation,” says filmmaker Gary Franks. His new clip is an exploration in video portraiture shot on Kodak Super-8 film and scored by Ottawa-based composer Adam Saikaley.

“I shot the footage last year with Meredith… we just hung out on top of the National Arts Centre, talking and shooting all the while. It was almost a year later when I showed the footage to Adam. There was three minutes of footage altogether,” says Franks. “We talked about social media and how it distributes art to viewers. And with those constraints in mind, we decided to see how quickly we could convey the idea of that silent conversation before somebody might scroll away.”

Saikaley composed and performed an original piece of music while Franks edited and sequenced the footage to respond to what he was composing. In the end, Meredith came out around 50 seconds, “but I think we accomplished our goal with it,” says Franks.

Watch Meredith on Vimeo or in the player below.