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Still from "Many Faces" by dad sports/YouTube.

Video of the Week: “Many Faces” by dad sports

By Apartment613 on March 24, 2021



It’s raining and grey outside today and the forecast says winter (or at least early spring) is about to make a comeback. Never fear: Suburban Ottawa 3-piece dad sports is here to put a little more spring in your step. Their new video for peppy track “Many Faces” just dropped and it’s a great reflection of their sound: lo-fi, homemade, but laced with lots of drive and zip. My Gen-X ears catch some echoes of Blink-182 and Sloan here, but in a decidedly modern mix.

I also love the explanation for the video’s collage format that the band offers right off the top: It’s pouring rain, so they can’t bring their fancy professional rented recording equipment outdoors. Cue the archival home video and footage of the band in the home-goods aisle of a Value Village or playing in the snow. Also there’s a cute dog at 0:58, always a bonus. The video is grainy and the editing amateur-on-purpose, giving the entire film a ’90s quality. It’s fun and random and good vibes all around.

Bop along with “Many Faces” by dad sports in the player below.