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Photo: "Magic" by Harea Band (YouTube)

Video of the Week: “Magic” by Harea Band

By Apartment613 on December 16, 2020

“Magic” is a slow jam love song by Harea Band featuring footage shot at The Gladstone Theatre interspersed with video clips of “magic moments” sent in by friends and family.

Alex Harea, lead singer and frontman, shares the process behind the new song and video with Apt613: “Magic is a song that was written a few years ago. The recording came together over a two year period where we were experimenting and refining our sound and not releasing any music. The song has always been really special to me and has always been a magic moment during our live performances. I thought that, as a feel-good and sentimental song, it would be nice to release it before the end of this crazy year.”

Directed by Ottawa filmmaker Jeff Watkins, the idea to create a video made up of submitted clips came from not being able to get people together due to the pandemic, “but also from wanting to provide the community with an opportunity to be a part of something together,” says Harea. “We asked the public to share their ‘Magic Moments’ and left that very open-ended.”

“We received super cute clips and I think that the video comes across as a very honest and heartfelt piece displaying what magic means to different people.”

The music video deftly combines the professional footage of the Harea Band’s live performance (Alex Harea accompanied by producer Caylan Penny on keys) with heartwarming home video clips. We see beautiful love shown in couples kissing, moments with pets, hot coffee, raw beauty of nature, and so much more. Enjoy the magic of the holiday season with this new music video and take a moment for gratitude.

Watch “Magic” by Harea Band in the player below. 

“Magic” is out on YouTube now and the official release date for the song is December 20th on all streaming platforms. You can pre-save the song on Spotify here—that’s a great way to support the artist. Pre-saving tells the Spotify algorithm that people are interested in the song which always helps the artist.