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Photo credit: Timothy Trieste, Sound of the Muse Records

Video of the Week: “Life In Spin” by Timothy Trieste

By Shireen Agharazi-Dormani on July 14, 2021



Presented online by the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC), Negotiations with Existence is a short film series written, photographed, and produced by artist Timothy Trieste. The presentations include lyrical music as well as short story narrations that examine the great questions about the nature of human life. During the lockdown in the middle of 2021, Trieste created these episodes at his recording and video production studio. His third and most recent episode came out on July 12.

The third installment in Trieste’s series is called “Life In Spin” and tells the story of a 72-year old overnight security guard and his spiritual experience working at a carnival. He makes a call to a late-night radio show to share his ghostly encounter with a young boy on a carousel, along with the revelations he has experienced over the course of his life.

“Life In Spin” also features Trieste’s eponymously titled song from his album, Talking All Night with SleepWalk Plaza and singer Shann Bailey.

Follow Negotiations with Existence on YouTube. Watch “Life In Spin” by Timothy Trieste below.