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Video of the Week: Kalle Mattson’s Water Falls

By Ashley on July 12, 2012


Waterfalls are mesmerizing. Watching them, listening to their soothing lull, it’s easy to lose track of time. You may find watching the new video for local musician Kalle Mattson’s single, “Water Falls,” similar. It’s directed by Kevin Parry, who’s also responsible for the “Thick as Thieves” video that went viral last November (if you haven’t seen it you’re probably the only one – check it out here).

The stop motion animation in “Thick as Thieves” is beyond awesome, but not something Kalle Mattson wants to be defined by. The new video is an exploration of, and love letter to, the city of San Francisco. Those familiar with San Fran will immediately recognize The Haight and Lombard Street but this is so much more than a slideshow of tourist pictures. In addition to time-lapse photography, Parry used spatial-lapse photography, where shots are taken at specific space intervals. Combining some très cool camera techniques with a little bit of swirly magic, you’re likely to be hypnotized.

Since the first time you watch it may induce a trance-like state, watching multiple times is encouraged (I swear I saw Where’s Waldo after the 5th time). Synced to the video, the song “Water Falls” is a catchy pop piece that is no trouble to listen to over and over and over again. It ebbs and flows as the visuals stream past, and they escalate together into a dizzy, beautiful, trumpet solo. Watching may just give you the same heady rush you’d get floating down a rapid.