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The PepTides – "INVADERS" (YouTube)

Video of the Week: “INVADERS” by The PepTides

By Greggory Clark on April 22, 2020



Despite the vacuum left by the cancellation of live performances, The PepTides have been busy preparing to release new material. One of the projects that we are excited to share today is the new music video for “Invaders” from the Ottawa band’s most recent album Galapagos Vol.1.

Directed by Aaron DaSilva, the “Invaders” video features arresting visuals—both aerial and on the ground—captured at one of Ontario’s largest and oldest iron and steel recycling facilities. The video has a post-apocalyptic vibe, which, in these unprecedented times of abandoned urban centers, and empty highways, feels very relevant.

“The PepTides wrote Invaders as a commentary on the impact the human race is having on the earth,” says a statement from the band. “We feel strongly that this video is a great way to address some of the greater issues we’re currently facing. The human race, fragile as it is, has a heavy impact on the earth. But just like in the music video, people are still finding away to party, celebrate, and dance in this new world we’re facing.”

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